Oct 5, 2010

2010 - A tribute to Suzzanna

 ink on paper, coloured in photoshop
[click the image to enlarge]

This one come from my place, Indonesia. This is not a huging pillow, but a ghost, a living dead called "pocong". Indonesian zombie. But its different from usual zombie. This kind of zombie doesnt eat brains. Well, of course, because this is not zombie but pocong. Sorry for the confusion.

Why this ghost looks like hugging pillow? I can tell why, but my bad english is horrible. So, here some lines from wikipedia the savior:

"A pocong is an Indonesian or Malaysian ghost that is said to be the soul of a dead person trapped in their suit. The pocong suit (shroud) is used by Muslims to cover the body of the dead person. They cover the dead body with white fabric and tie the clothing over the head, under the feet, and on the neck. According to the native beliefs, the soul of a dead person will stay on the earth for 40 days after the death. When the ties aren't released after 40 days, the body is said to jump out from the grave to warn people that the soul need the bonds to be released. After the ties are released, the soul will leave the earth and never show up anymore. Because of the tie under the feet, the ghost can't walk. This causes the pocong to hop."

This illustration is taken from a scene in a local Indonesian classic horror movie called “Sundel Bolong” , released in 1982. Suzzanna, the Indonesian horror queen acted as Alisa, a girl who lived in darkness, was raped and murdered. Later, she's back from the dead to do her revenge on people who responsible of her death. She become a ghost called Sundel Bolong, terrorizing people. Yes, if you notice, "Sundel Bolong" is a different ghost, but i dont know why later she turns into pocong too!

In this famous scene, her "enemy" hid in a small room after being chased by Alisa. Suddenly the wall on the room explodes, leaving a big hole on it, and then we can see a pocong hanged upside down behind it, staring at this guy with a scary gaze. I think she smashed the wall with her own head. After that, she jumped out of the wall and confront her enemy. She brought a tomb-stone made of wood (its popular here. so lets call it tomb-wood) with her and stab it right into her enemy's chest. Pay back time. I watched this movie when i was a kid, and it was scary for me that time.

I love horror movies..

Check my deviantart page for the color version.

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