Oct 5, 2010

2010 - Neither Kraken Nor Paul

Submitted for an artwork book project organized by a new friend, Moel. He made a cute octopus monster character called Mogu (Monster Gurita. gurita is indonesian word for octopus), and he decided to collecting artworks of octopuses from his friends, print it and published it as a book soon. The main theme is, of course, octopus, and i love octopus. I done this patiently and passionately hehe. Cant wait to see the book.

ink on paper
[click the image to enlarge]



  1. sabar ya... semoga lancar dan mudah mudahan november udah jadi bukunya dan bisa dilihat, kamu pasti dapet bukunya, mantabs :)

  2. I honestly like this one, Dan. Great Job! Hope I can see it hanging on my wall :D - T -