Oct 4, 2010

2006 - Tanpa Batas

Tanpa Batas is a hardcore punk band from Jakarta, Indonesia. One day in my room, FatRoy, the bass player of Tanpa Batas, asked me if i could do an artwork for their first full-length album. So i said, yes. But i cant hold myself. Not just cover artwork, i did their logo and CD layout too. So here it is. 

 Tanpa Batas logo. ink on paper. coloured in photoshop
[click the image to enlarge] 

 CD front cover. Ink on paper, coloured & layout in photoshop
[click the image to enlarge]

CD cover sleeve layout. Coreldraw and Photoshop
[click the image to enlarge] 

A "bonus" artwork. for CD print and backtray
ink on paper / finished in photoshop

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