Oct 4, 2010

2007 - Ernestowl

I dont remember what happened in 2007. I cant find any of my drawing from this year, maybe because i didnt draw so much or because i did more graphic design projects (i still work with a friend, doing book covers and other publications things at that time). But i remember, i did a series of animal-headed character during my spare time that year, because that series is what makes Ari Ernesto asked me to do this artwork in the first time.

Ari played in a really good band called Hark! Its a Crawling Tar-tar! They play some kind of atmospheric crust hardcore, with some metal influences, epic scandi-core, thrash riffs, etc. He asked me if i can draw characters of all band member, in a style of animal-head like i did in the series i mentioned earlier. I remember i took photographs of them posing, one by one. Ari (vocals/guitars) wanted owl head. Kenji aka Ken Terror (drums) wanted Hyena's head. Dede (guitars)wanted wolf, and Uep (bass).... erm i dont remember what he wanted (sorry uep).. They wanted these drawing for a poster or something like that, as a bonus for their first (and the only) full length CD.

But i was so slow. I really understand that the band shouldnt wait my slow progress to release their CD. And i never finish this projects. Im really sorry for that...

So here's the character design is from my unfinished project for Hark! Its a Crawlking Tar-Tar. I only managed to draw one complete first character, Ari Ernesto as an owl. By the way, Ken Terror who played drum in this band is a really well-known artist who done a lot of great artworks for many bands. Check his blog.

Digital collage, manually traced with ink on paper

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