Oct 5, 2010

2010 - A tribute to Glenn Danzig

ink on paper
[click the image to enlarge]

I really love The Misfits when Glenn Danzig still sing for the band. As the Misfits' vocalist, he's a brilliant songwriter and singer. Honestly, for me the Misfits were finished when he leave the band. A good band for me is a band who knows the limit and knows when to stop. Like Minor Threat.

The Misfits sucks after Danzig leave. And not just the Misfits, Glenn Danzig also become lame too later. Thats my personal opinion. No heart feeling, dear uncle Jerry Only and Danzig fans!

This illustration inspired by one of the Misfits' song, "20 Eyes". And for those who doesnt have any idea about who the Misfits is, here's a part of the lyric: "20 eyes in my head. They're all the same."

If you really good at counting, there's only 19 eyes appeared on the illustration. No, it wasnt a mistake. The last eye is right on his forehead hidden behind his devil-lock. Poor eye.

Well, the person on this illustration was supposed to be Glenn Danzig, the Evil Elvis himself. But i guess im not really good at drawing people haha. It looks like me more than Danzig haha.

Everybody! Twenty eyes in my heaaad!


  1. aih keren2 yaaaa artworknyaaa :)
    yg Glenn Danzig ini saya suka sekali, pas banget sama lagu "20 Eyes" nya :)

    -Reski Okky, Ciganjur Crew ^^

  2. mantab nih boss...btw, design kaos milisi kecoa yg baru mana nih??pinginn...


  3. I love this and I love the Misfits (Danzig era)!

  4. yeh, misfits danzig era rules!