Oct 4, 2010

2008 - Some designs: tremorizer

I started my Deviant Art page in 2008. Its really hard to get "tremor" as a username because usually its already taken, just like this blog. So i use alternate name which is a parody of my favourite band, Terrorizer. I also made the logotype too for tremorizer. Here's some design i did for myself. I never printed it. Some friends asked me if they can printed it on T-shirt too.

She Loves Skateboard (2008)
 ink on paper, edited in photoshop
She Loves Skateboard, inspired by some print-ad about food or cake (i dont really remember) i saw in a magazine.

 Chef Death(2008)
 ink on paper, coloring in photoshop

Chef Death, inspired by a memorable scene from Creepshow, a horror/comedy anthology film. Directed by George Romero, written by Stephen King.

Ripped Jaw (2008)
 ink on paper, coloring in photoshop


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  1. dude, am a mexican drawer, i really like your trip, agur!

    afther ill post my shit and passyou the link,

    sorry for the bad eanglish irreally dont like this lenguaje