Oct 4, 2010

2009 - Corpse Eaters

Last year, i nearly broke, and i need to keep alive. So me and a friend decided to start our own clothing label named CORPSE EATERS, with my horror artwork as designs. I expected that i could make a living out of it. The basic theme and idea of this label is: horror (including all its sub-genres). The first series released was, Indonesian ghost stories and urban legends. But the label didnt last long, im not patient enough to do all marketing/selling things, and i gave up haha. But i still have some of corpse eater's t-shirts, so if you want to order it, just send me email (makanmayat@yahoo.com)

Okay, here's some designs i made for Corpse Eaters. Logo and the first two designs.

Corpse Eaters' Logo. Ink on paper

First design: Sundel Bolong
The first design for Corpse Eaters' Indonesian ghost stories and urban legends series is Sundel Bolong and this t-shirt is still in limited stock! (click images to enlarge)
 ink on paper, coloured in photoshop

Sundel Bolong is an old, Indonesian urban legend, a ghost which appears in the form a beautiful woman with long back hair and a white gown, similar to the appearance of other Asian ghosts made recognisable from the influx of J-horror to the western world, and indeed everywhere else, by movies like Ju-on and Ringu.

Sundel Bolong, however, is different, with a gaping hole in her back exposing her rotting entrails and spine, the wound itself disguised and hidden behind her long black hair.

Legend has it, that Sundel Bolong is the ghost of girl who died following her rape and gave birth in the grave. Her ghost is said to haunt and kidnap newborn babies. She also appears to frighten people, disguised as a beautiful woman only to show her true form later.

The illustration of this T-shirt is taken from a famous story, which was also a scene in a local Indonesian classic horror film simply titled “Sundel Bolong” staring the local horror queen herself, Suzzanna, in 1982. Check it on IMDB.

In the scene she appears and acts like a human being, ordering a traditional meal of Satay, 200 to be precise, and a pan of boiling hot soup. The food sellers watch in disbelief before running off in fear as she eats the inhuman amount of Satay and drinks the boiling soup as it falls through the gaping wound in her back and spills onto the ground beneath her.

Second design: Leák
The second design for Corpse Eaters' Indonesian ghost stories and urban legends series is Leák and this t-shirt is still in limited stock! (click images to enlarge)

  ink on paper, coloured in photoshop

Leáks or Leyaks are humans who are practicing black magic and have cannibalistic behavior.

In folklore of Bali, Indonesia, the Leyak (in Indonesian, people called it 'Leák' (le-ak)—the Y is not written or spoken) is a mythological figure in the form of flying head with entrails (heart, lung, liver, etc) still attached. Leyak is said to fly trying to find a pregnant woman in order to suck her baby's blood or a newborn child. Leyak also said to haunt graveyards, feed on corpses, have power to change themselves into animals, such as pigs, and fly. In normal Leyak form, they are said to have an unusually long tongue and large fangs. In daylight they appear as an ordinary human, but at night their head and entrails break loose from their body and fly.

This infamous urban legend has been brought into a classic horror b-movie in 1981 titled “Leák” or “Mistik” (Indonesian title) aka Balinese Mystic (Australia) aka Mystics in Bali (USA). Check it on IMDB.

So just email me if you to order want these t-shirts. Makanmayat@yahoo.com

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