Oct 4, 2010

2010 - I will never be a tattoo artist. Thats a promise

Few months ago i went to a tattoo workshop held by my friends. One of them said that he wanted to be my guinea pig, so without any burden, i tortured this guy's arm.

Actually this is not my first tattoo-ing experience. My first time was a year ago, i did an eyeball tattoo on my friend's arm but it comes out not so good hahaha (sorry, Fajar!). Its very hard to keep the machine stay still and move like the way i wanted, because the tattoo gun tremors more than my hands does haha. But its still OK for the first-time tattoo experience. You can see the pic of my first tattoo ever below, and you dont want me to do the same thing on your body, do you? :P

Well, i guess im just going to share the experience here. Its fun, though. And no, i dont want to be a tattoo artist. I dont have enough patient and obviously my tremor hands doesnt help me to be a tattoo artist. But i still want to do the 3rd time just for the fun.

Here's the 2nd tattoo i ever did. A typically skull. Not bad, huh? :P
LEFT: a sketch i done on my friend's arm
RIGHT: finished tattoo, eventhough it looks like its not finished yet. ha.
[click the image to enlarge]

And here's my 1st one, one year earlier. hahah. oh poor Fajar.
[click the image to enlarge]

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  1. hahahahahahahahhah.....pengerjaan tato ini ga akan saya lupain dan......tapi aneh ya ga sakit dan....apa kabar tremor....jadi tukang tato sekarang......tangannya jangan ikut bergetar...heheheh