Jun 10, 2015


On December 2014, Maternal Disaster, a local brand / clothing company wanted to celebrate their 11th anniversary with some kind of exhibition along with music show called "ONLY DEATH AWAITS". I feel so honoured to be invited as one of them who displayed their art in the exhibition.

They gave me a skull replica and asked everyone to modify it as we pleased, whatever we want. They also gave us one big canvas to be drawn, painted, or printed. But i choose print, so i can have more time to modify the skull. The concept i wanted to do was based on fear / phobia, and i want to bring those who are trypophobics a little bit of dreadful sensation. So here is the artwork i did with pen on paper (later printed on canvas), also a modified skull i did in a very short available time.

 pen on paper
[click the image to enlarge]

[click the image to enlarge]

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