Jun 11, 2012

2012 - Millions of Dead Cops

MDC, or Millions of Dead Cops, is a hardcore punk legend from Austin, Texas, USA but currently based in Portland, Oregon.

This design's done for MDC's tape, released in Indonesia by a local DIY record label. The tape itself contains two of their releases: MDC's first album "Millions of Dead Cops" and their latest, "Magnus Dominus Corpus". The design also will be printed on t-shirt.

 pen on paper, coloured in photoshop
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  1. Hey Dany!
    It's Dasha! I posted a package to you one month ago, but it came back to me - it was 200 grams too heavy or some shit like that, so I have to post it again as soon as I'm back in Germany :(
    I hope you don't mind! Are you okay? I haven't heard from you since a long while. I miss talking to you!
    I hope everything is fine :)