Aug 13, 2011

2011 - Fun Contest: Night Birds

Sooo, few months ago a webzine called The 1st Five, along with a great surf HC/punk Night Birds, and Grave Mistake Records, held a really fun small contest. They challenged everyone to draw a foursome naked. The winning drawing is rewarded with all Night Birds’ releases.. And since Night Birds is one of my favourite surf HC/punk band, I was tempted to draw this piece and I really enjoyed it. At the time, i didn’t really care about winning at all, just want to do it for fun.. I was surprised when The 1st Five emailed me and told me that i won the contest! :D But I don’t think they use the drawing, the contest is just for the fun’s sake..

 ink on paper
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    We posted all the winners over here! You did a great job with your drawing. Seriously envy your talent.